greeting Japan's agriculture, which has a long history, has improved and developed over time, and since the middle of the Showa era, chemical fertilizers have covered and supported agricultural fields across the country.

However, today's agriculture is also at a major crossroads. The deterioration of the soil environment in fields, which are the "life" of agricultural producers, and the destruction of nature have become serious problems. As someone who is involved in agriculture at this time, I am seriously aware that we have an obligation to resolve this issue.


Since our company was founded in 1957, we have continued to research non-polluting fertilizers, and thanks to the understanding of our dealers and the patronage of our producers, we have continued to this day.  


Our company will continue to make efforts to improve the soil environment, practice agriculture that respects biodiversity, and secure abundant food resources.  


I would like to conclude my greetings by praying that the Reiwa era will be an even better year for everyone involved in agriculture.


Japan Liquid Fertilizer Co., Ltd.