Japan Liquid Fertilizer Co., Ltd.

Former Representative Director Yasuhiko Masuda

Japan's agriculture, which has a long history, has been improved and developed with the times. Since the middle of the Showa period, chemical fertilizers have covered and supported agricultural sites nationwide. However, today's agriculture is also at a major crossroads here.

Soil pollution in fields, which is "life" for agricultural producers, and destruction of nature have become serious problems. At present, we, who are involved in a part of agriculture, are seriously working on the obligation to deal with this problem.

Since the middle of the Showa era, we have been researching non-polluting organic fertilizers, succeeded in inventing and developing phytic acid organic fertilizers, and obtained official approval from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in 1985. We have received a strong recommendation from the instructor and have reached today.

Regarding the sale of phytic acid organic fertilizer products, Mitsui Bussan Agro Business Co., Ltd. has shown a special understanding and has announced a stance of promoting sales on the nationwide network.

Improving soil pollution and unhealthy crops as soon as possible is necessary for both producers and consumers across the country, and for us, improving agriculture with even greater respect for biodiversity. We will continue to make efforts to put it into practice.

We pray and say hello to everyone involved in agriculture that the era of Reiwa is even better.

Company Profile

Company name Japan Liquid Fertilizer Co., Ltd.
President Eijyu Hoshio
Found 1957
Capital ¥10,500,000
Head office 37-12, Kita Bessho-cho, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture 331-0821
TEL +81-48-667-3390  Ageo factory +81-48-781-2760
FAX +81-48-664-1279